Educational Approach

I started my career as a physician and experienced, first-hand, the confusing and condescending nature of medical-legal education. I recognized the enormous need for educational material that provided practical solutions to the medical-legal dilemmas clinicians face. And, I founded Law & Medicine to address that need.

My educational approach is based on five principles.

1. The Rule of Law.  I focus on the rule of law, explaining it in terms clinicians can apply.

2. The Principles of Science. I believe risk management ideas and theories should be subjected to scientific scrutiny and those which do not survive must be rejected.

3. The Best Interest of the Patient. I believe physicians can best protect themselves by making solid clinical decisions that are in the best interest of the patient.

4. The Inherent Goodness of the Medical Profession. I believe physicians are highly trained and gifted individuals who have a long history of making decisions that are both clinically and ethically sound.

5. Truthfulness. I believe physicians should be told the truth and that they can be trusted to apply it in an appropriate manner.

If you are a physician, I believe you will find my approach to be refreshing.

Victor R. Cotton MD, JD

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