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Medical Legal Considerations in Genetic Testing

By Victor R. Cotton, MD, JD “Genetic testing provides a foundation for precision medicine by improving our ability to predict, manage, and avoid numerous diseases. These benefits, which were theoretical just a generation ago, are now being realized across the clinical spectrum – from guiding prenatal care at the beginning of life to improving cancer […]

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Failure to Recommend Genetic Testing

The Next Wave of Professional Liability Lawsuits? By Victor R. Cotton, MD, JD, and Douglas H. Kirkpatrick, MD Download the publication

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The Other Side of Apology

The Other Side of Apology Authored by Dr. Cotton Reprinted from the Third Quarter 2012 issue of Physician Insurer Magazine, Physician Insurers Association of America. Copyright, 2012

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Legal Risks of “Curbside” Consults

Research Institute: “Legal Risks of Curbside Consults” Dr. Cotton authored a paper on the “Legal Risks of Curbside Consults” which was published in the July 2010 edition of The American Journal of Cardiology. The paper demonstrates that there is NO legal risk associated with a true curbside consult and distinguishes curbside consults from other types […]

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