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The Crucible

Each audio file is a 3 to 5 minute critique in which Dr. Cotton weighs the findings of a scientific paper against the tenets of modern risk management.

The Crucible No. 1 - Malpractice Risk According to Physician Specialty
New England Journal of Medicine 2011; 365:629
The Crucible No. 2 - Quality of Care and Lawsuit Risk
New England Journal of Medicine 2011;364:1243.
The Crucible No. 3 - Checklists and Patient Safety
New England Journal of Medicine 2014;370:1029.
The Crucible No. 4 - Sharing More Information as a Risk Management Strategy
Rheumatology 1979;18:18.
Clinical Pediatrics 1994;33:194.
The Crucible No. 5 - Hospital deaths due to medical errors
Hayward R, Hofer T. Estimating hospital deaths due to medical errors: preventability is in the eye of the reviewer. JAMA 2001; 286:415-420.
Hogan H, Healey F, Neale G, et al. Preventable deaths due to problems in care in English acute hospitals: a retrospective case record review study. BMJ Qual Saf. Published Online First: 7 July 2012. doi:10.1136/bmjqs-2012-001159.
The Crucible No. 6 - Apologizing for medical errors: A case goes to court
Davis v. Wooster Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, Inc., 193 Ohio App.3d 581, 2011.
Legal Pitfalls of Medical Apology Laws
The Crucible No. 7 - Patient satisfaction as a lawsuit avoidance strategy
Fenton J, Jerant A, Bertakis K, Franks P. The cost of satisfaction: a national study of patient satisfaction, health care utilization, expenditures, and mortality. Archives of Internal Medicine 2012;172:405
The Crucible No. 8 - Strategies for reducing medication-related lawsuits
Troxel D. Medication Related Errors and Liability.
The Crucible No. 9 - Legal Pitfalls of Medical Apology Laws
Cotton VR. Legal Pitfalls of Medical Apology Laws. Physician Insurer 2014; 2nd Qtr: 26-8.
The Crucible No. 10 - The reasons patients give for suing their physician
Beckman HB, Markakis KM, Suchman AL, Frankel RM. The doctor-patient relationship and malpractice. Lessons from plaintiff depositions. Archives of Internal Medicine1994;154:1365-70.
The Crucible No. 11 - Medical Errors and Flawed Systems: Testing the Institute of Medicine's Premise
Troxel, DB. Do Health Systems Errors Cause Medical Professional Liability Claims. Physician Insurer 2010; 2nd Quarter: 34-38.
The Crucible No. 12 - Behavioral differences between sued physicians and never-sued physicians
Levinson W, Roter DL, Mullooly JP, Dull VT, Frankel RM. Physician-patient communication. The relationship with malpractice claims among primary care physicians and surgeons. JAMA.1997; 277:553-9
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