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The Worst Risk Management Idea in All of Medicine

Dr. Cotton discusses the disastrous risk management strategy of tracking patients and reminding them to keep their appointments.

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Mistreating Older Physicians In The Name Of Patient Safety

Mandatory cognitive testing of older physicians is now part of hospital credentialing at many institutions. Although this practice is advanced in the name of patient safety, Dr. Cotton discusses how it illegally discriminates against older physicians and opens the door for other types of even worse discrimination.

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Another Misguided Medical-Legal Analysis

Dr. Cotton critiques the critique of a malpractice case and demonstrates the proper approach to the law.

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The Problem of Having Too Many Doctors

 Although it is widely believed that there is a physician shortage, the data shows just the opposite. And, the oversupply of physicians is hurting the profession in multiple ways. Listen to Dr. Cotton discuss this dilemma.

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The War on the Curbside Consult

 Today’s topic is the war on the curbside consult. Curbside consults, where physicians informally solicit one another’s opinion, are an integral part of patient care, and they are absolutely invaluable when formal consultation is unavailable or impractical. Unfortunately, the medical legal community views curbside consults as a sloppy and dangerous practice that carries unacceptable […]

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15 Things to Know Before Leaving Your Job

Podcast Summary: Victor Cotton MD, JD discusses 15 legal and financial terms that physicians should know before deciding to leave a job.

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The Greatest Malpractice Threat of Our Time

Podcast Summary: Victor Cotton MD, JD discusses why genetic testing for hereditary cancers is the greatest malpractice threat of our time. Patients who harbor pathogenic mutations are at very high risk of developing cancer, often at a young age. Unfortunately, despite screening recommendations from numerous professional organizations, the vast majority of these patients have not […]

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A Misguided Approach to Tort Reform

Podcast Summary: The practice of ordering tests and treatments just to reduce one’s legal exposure is estimated to add 5% to the cost of healthcare. Victor Cotton MD, JD analyzes whether we can reduce this practice and thereby save healthcare dollars by enacting tort reform.

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