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This Month's Minute With Victor-Archives

Where Dr. Cotton answers your questions...

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May 2016 "Risk-laden Medications and Poorly Compliant Patients"

Video Archive:

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Lost Biopsy Specimens
"Lost Biopsy Specimens"
After-hours Medication Refills
"After-hours Medication Refills"
Living Wills in the ED
"Living Wills in the ED"
Treating Patients Just Like Family
"Treating Patients Just Like Family"
Uninformed Consent
"Uninformed Consent"
The Most Litigated Medication
"The Most Litigated Medication"
Good Samaritan Laws
"Phone Calls From Attorneys"
Good Samaritan Laws
"Good Samaritan Laws"
Reconciling the McDonald's Hot Coffee Verdict
"Reconciling the McDonald's Hot Coffee Verdict"
The Legal Aspects of Off-Label Use
"The Legal Aspects of Off-Label Use"
The Credibility of Identical EMR Notes
"The Credibility of Identical EMR Notes"
Continuing Discontinued Medications
"Continuing Discontinued Medications"
It's a Stethoscope, Not a Retrospectoscope
"It's a Stethoscope, Not a Retrospectoscope"
Give Me Liberty
"Give Me Liberty"
Is the Art or the Science More Important
"Is the Art or the Science More Important"
It's Not Remembered Consent
"It's Not Remembered Consent"
How Much Documentation is Enough
"How Much Documentation is Enough"
The Duty to Inform
"The Duty to Inform"
Still a Place for Professional Judgment
"Still a Place for Professional Judgment"
Who Determines the Standard of Care?
"Who Determines the Standard of Care?"
Mother May I
"Mother May I"
No Gain, Just Pain
"No Gain, Just Pain"
30 Days of Uncertainty
"30 Days of Uncertainty"
Don't You Dare
"Don't You Dare"
Captain of a Shrinking Ship
"Captain of a Shrinking Ship"
He Said She Said
"He Said She Said"
A Class-action Compromise of Care
"A Class-action Compromise of Care"
Interpreting the Interpreter Requirement
"Interpreting the Interpreter Requirement"
Why Even Bother?
"Why Even Bother?"
Standard of Practice or Standard of Care
"Standard of Practice or Standard of Care"
A Sorry Substitute for Science Video
"A Sorry Substitute for Science"
Jury of My Peers Video
"Jury of My Peers"
Patient Responsibility Video
"Patient Responsibility"
Precedent and the Practice of Medicine Video
"Precedent and the Practice of Medicine"
It's Not the Color of the Box Video
"It's Not the Color of the Box"
Are They My Patients? Video
"Are They My Patients?"
Informed Consent Paradox Video
"Informed Consent Paradox"
Finding the Magic Words Video
"Finding the Magic Words"
Second-rate Medicine Video
"Second-rate Medicine"
Do Everything Video
"Do Everything"
When There Isn't Any Evidence Video
"When There Isn't Any Evidence"
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