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What physicians have said about Dr. Cotton and our materials:

"Dr. Cotton: These Modules are simply wonderful. Very educational, but also very entertaining. After nearly 50 years in practice I thought I had considered everything, but each of your Modules brings new light on the subject. Thank you so much for your time and talents."
"These modules put into perspective alot of medico-legal issues that we experience everyday and drives home the issue that we must always diligently strive to practice prudent, conscientious medicine."

"This, along with other modules you have produced, are simply the best and most straightforward discussions of medico-legal topics I have heard. It is almost entertaining to sit and listen!"
"This is the best risk management training tool which I have done. I enjoyed the lecture, and the notes. Extremely relevant material."
- S. Qureshi, MD
"This is the most relevant training we have had so far."
- M. Salvaggio, MD
"Wonderfully convenient way of learning essential practices with regards to medico-legal issues. I'm sure the other topics Dr. Cotton has will be just as pertinent and enjoyable."
- J. Caguioa-Aquino, MD
"I am a physician just out of training and this module answered MANY of the questions I had. I thought it was extremely helpful and believe that this type of training can significantly reduce physician liability. Thank you so much!"
- K. Smith, MD
"Excellent. I wish I had this in residency."
- R. Williams, MD
"A well done program. Wording of the questions was accurate and not deceptive. I appreciate this effort having taken previous programs where material and questions were poorly done. Thanks much."
- K. Blick, PhD
"The specific case scenarios made it easy for me to apply to my every day practice. It was much more interesting than the usual legal jargon that we are forced to read and try to understand."
- C. Crittenden-Byers, MD
"One of the best audio CME lectures I've heard."
- K. Wheeler-Harrington, DO
"This was one of the rare "requirements" that actually taught at least 5 valuable laws we deal with daily. Very informative, finally."
- T. Hoskison, MD
"This presentation was SO MUCH BETTER than ANY previous CME we have had to take on this subject!!!! It was clearly presented, presented in English (not legal) AND Dr. Cotton is easy to listen to."
- C. Pohl, CNM
"This is an excellent tool for all physicians. It is good to review our own practice, and see if we are missing any aspect. It should be part of residency curriculum."
- N. Mehdi, MD
Medical-legal education with a passion for medicine and compassion for patients.